Age & ID Policies


Adult Requirements

If you’re 18 years or older, you’re able to receive any of the piercings we offer.

Adult ID Requirements:

You’ll need to fill out a release form and present one of the following forms of identification in order to get pierced:

  • State-issued driver's license or state-issued identification card

  • Resident alien card

  • Military identification card

  • Passport

Minor Requirements

Our goal is to ensure that every client interaction is approached with care—especially when it comes to our younger clients. Part of this care involves identifying piercings that pose a higher risk of having issues or not healing properly in young or changing bodies.

We offer a variety of piercing services to minors when they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and meet all of the ID requirements. If the piercing is not listed under your age group, we will not perform that piercing on you or your child. We appreciate your understanding.

Ages 5 and up can receive:

Our go-to age for earlobes is 9 years old, but we consult with kids down to the age of 5. Consults help establish familiarity, which greatly increases our chance to connect with the child and guide them through a positive experience. In some cases we may recognize signs that the child may not be ready and suggest holding off for a while longer. Readiness and appropriate anatomical development are determined at the professional discretion of our piercers. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to give us a call.

Ages 13 and up can receive:

  • Earlobes, helix, conch, tragus, septum or nostril

Ages 16 and up can receive:

  • Earlobes, ear cartilage (helix, conch, tragus, daith, forward helix, rook or industrial only), septum, nostril, eyebrow, lip piercings, tongue or navel

Minor ID Requirements

Anyone under the age of 18 MUST meet all of the following requirements:

  1. A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the consent form in person.

  2. Parent/legal guardian and minor must both provide ALL ID and/or documentation requirements including:

    • Parent/legal guardian’s photo ID

    • Minor’s photo ID for ages 13 and up (school ID or state-issued ID)

    • Birth certificate naming parent and minor

    • Legal documents supporting name changes (where applicable)

It is not uncommon for the last name of a child to be different from their parent. We just need to be able to document that you are this child’s parent/legal guardian. Marriage/divorce or name change documents will work in these cases.

If you are the legal guardian of a minor, you must present court documentation that proves legal guardianship.

We would love to be able to be flexible and allow aunts, grandparents or trusted friends to sign for a child’s piercing, but it’s not hard to imagine how this sort of practice could be exploited, resulting in an eager parent missing the experience of their child’s first piercings. Thank you for your understanding!